Support as you would expect it

Functioning, fast support processes using the example of Citrix support

Jürgen Gastler

Senior Consultant

This morning there was a problem with one of our Citrix customers. A few days ago, the Citrix backend was updated to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop version 2203 LTSR CU4. An Update 1 has been available for the VDA of this version since 08.02.2024 which should fix known BSOD.

Unfortunately, not all problems seem to have been solved with this Update 1. One worker went down today with a blue screen, whereupon we opened a support call via the Citrix support website.

The rest of the process was as follows:

  • 10:33 Support ticket opened and just 5 minutes later…
  • 10:38 Zoom invitation from Citrix support employee Supriya
  • 10:39 Zoom meeting held with Supriya. She collected all relevant information about the Citrix environment. During the conversation, it was clear that Supriya did not just work through checklists, as is usually the case with 1st level support, but rather she was able to answer all further questions immediately. Great!
  • 12:39 I received a detailed summary of the Zoom meeting by email with all the information gathered, including screenshots, references to support articles and a detailed description of the steps to be taken to create a full memory dump for further troubleshooting. for further troubleshooting

Chapeau! Citrix support. It can always work like this and others are welcome to copy it.

It remains to be seen what the reaction will be if another blue screen occurs and the memory dump has to be analyzed.