WSUS server update import

How to import updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog into the WSUS server

Jürgen Gastler

Senior Consultant

The March updates from Microsoft are the latest reason to address this issue. Specifically, the March security updates KB5035857 (Windows Server 2022, other KB numbers for older servers), which can lead to problems and even unexpected restarts.

Microsoft provided bug fixes on 03/24/2024, but these are not automatically synchronized to the WSUS server. Manual import is necessary here. Update for Windows Server 2022 Update for Windows Server 2016

The WSUS server offers a direct import option for updates from the Windows Update Catalog within the GUI.

WSUS console

This method no longer works, as it used ActiveX, which is now deprecated.

Microsoft provides a PowerShell script that allows you to import the required updates from the Windows Update Catalog directly into WSUS.

The necessary procedure is described in detail in a Microsoft Learn-Article.

The required UpdateIDs are 1bc3fe3f-74dc-48da-a3f3-65a6c06f4335 for Windows Server 2022 and 0683858a-06db-4f1a-b1eb-6ba0998d83f0 for Windows Server 2016.