We offer comprehensive services in cloud transformation, application and desktop virtualization, server virtualization, networks, and firewalls. With our expertise in products from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Sophos, Zertificon, and others, we create robust and secure IT infrastructures for your company.

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Our Services for Your Business

From cloud transformation to networking and security: We offer comprehensive IT services for robust and secure enterprise infrastructures.

Your Journey to the Cloud

Cloud Transformation

With over 20 years of expertise in traditional IT infrastructure, bluvenit is your trailblazer for migration to the Microsoft Cloud. From Active Directory to databases, we provide seamless transformation of your on-premise systems into the cloud.

Innovative Solutions for Your Applications

Application and Desktop Virtualization

We are your partner for innovative IT services in the area of application and desktop virtualization with products from manufacturers such as Citrix, Microsoft, and Parallels.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Server Virtualization

Optimize your IT infrastructure with our server virtualization expertise. We offer high-quality solutions that ensure scalability, cost savings, and operational continuity.

Robust Networks and IT Security

Networks and IT Security Solutions

Enhance your networks and IT security with our tailored solutions. We plan and implement robust networks with consideration for security aspects.

Your Journey to the Cloud

Cloud Transformation

For over two decades, bluvenit has been known for profound expertise in traditional IT infrastructure. This extensive experience forms the foundation of our work with the Microsoft Cloud, which we have been intensively advancing since 2011. Our comprehensive knowledge in areas such as Active Directory, Exchange mail servers, file and print services, as well as databases and applications, enables us to effectively transform on-premise environments into forward-looking cloud technologies.

Individual Consultation

We analyze your existing IT infrastructure and identify optimization potentials.

Hybrid and Cloud-Only Solutions

Whether you prefer a hybrid environment or want to move completely to the cloud, we support you at every step.


In our workshops, we analyze the current state of your IT with you and develop a targeted plan for cloud migration.

Concept and Implementation

We create detailed concepts and accompany you through successful implementation.

Migration Support

From local email servers to Exchange Online, on-premise file servers to Microsoft OneDrive, or transitioning from traditional software distribution to Microsoft Intune - we make the transition seamless.

Collaborative Support

Together with our partners, we ensure smooth cloud operations and provide first-class user support.

Our Strengths

What Sets Us Apart

At bluvenit, we value close collaboration with our clients. We understand that every cloud transformation is unique and therefore offer customized solutions tailored to your requirements. Our extensive experience and comprehensive expertise make us the ideal partner for your cloud strategy.

1 E-Mail System Migration
Transitioning from local Exchange servers to Office 365 to leverage the benefits of Exchange Online.
2 Citrix and Microsoft Apps
Utilization of Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise in Citrix Virtual and Desktop On-Premise environments.
3 Cloud-Based Device Management
Replacement of on-premise software distribution solutions with Microsoft Intune, device management for mobile devices such as notebooks (Windows, Mac), or Apple iPhones or iPads.
4 Application Modernization
Migration of traditional applications to Azure App Services or Microsoft PowerApps.
5 Identity Management
Integration of On-Premise Active Directory with Azure Active Directory for unified identity and access management.
6 Backup and Disaster Recovery
Implementation of cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure business continuity.
7 Network Integration
Establishment of a secure and scalable network architecture with Azure Virtual Network to connect on-premise and cloud resources.

Innovative Solutions for Your Applications

Application and Desktop Virtualization

We are your partner for innovative IT services in the field of application and desktop virtualization with products from Citrix, Microsoft, and Parallels.

Our approach focuses heavily on planning and analysis to ensure that your virtualization solutions are precisely tailored to your business requirements. Our bluvenit IT professionals work closely with you to understand your specific needs and develop customized solutions that support your goals. Together with you, we determine the appropriate approach, whether on-premise in your data center, hybrid to utilize local resources alongside cloud resources, or cloud-only with our partners Microsoft or Citrix.

Our services include the implementation of Citrix products such as XenApp and XenDesktop, Microsoft's Azure Virtual Desktop, or Parallels Remote Application Server to enable efficient application and desktop delivery in your organization. But our service goes beyond that. We offer continuous support and maintenance to ensure that your virtualized applications and desktops always perform optimally.

Would you like to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation? Contact us today to find out more. We look forward to helping you maximize the full potential of your IT infrastructure.

Maximize Efficiency and Flexibility with Top-Notch Solutions.

Server Virtualization

In the constantly evolving world of information technology, server virtualization is a crucial factor for efficiency and flexibility. At bluvenit, we pride ourselves on offering our customers top-notch solutions in this area.

Since the early versions of the VMware ESX Server, we have been involved in server virtualization. Our expertise allows us to operate nearly 100% of the customer environments we manage in a virtualized manner. This provides significant benefits to our customers in terms of scalability, cost savings, and operational continuity.

Our primary virtualization platform is VMware's vSphere, a market-leading solution known for its performance and reliability. vSphere harnesses the power of virtualization to transform data centers into simplified cloud computing infrastructures and provide IT organizations with flexible and reliable IT services. It offers advanced features for resource management, high availability, and security.

Additionally, we also support Proxmox, an open-source server management platform that is gaining popularity, especially in the SMB environment. Proxmox is a powerful open-source server virtualization platform that manages two virtualization technologies - KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) for virtual machines and LXC for containers - with a single web-based interface. It also integrates out-of-the-box tools for configuring high availability between servers, software-defined storage, networking, and disaster recovery.

Efficient Networks and Comprehensive Security Solutions

Networking and IT Security Solutions

Networks are the backbone of every modern organization, enabling efficient communication and collaboration. At bluvenit, we offer tailored networking and IT security solutions that meet your requirements and ensure the safety and efficiency of your infrastructure.

HPE Network Components

Our networking solutions are based on proven technology from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE). By utilizing HPE network components, we ensure not only high performance and reliability but also seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. From switches to routers to wireless access points, we provide solutions that meet your network needs optimally.

Sophos Security Solutions

With Sophos as a partner, we offer comprehensive security solutions that protect your IT infrastructure from threats. Sophos is a leading provider of security solutions for endpoints, networks, and more. Our expertise extends from implementing firewall solutions and intrusion detection systems to setting up VPNs and managing security policies. By integrating Sophos products into your IT environment, we ensure a holistic security strategy that protects your sensitive data and critical systems.

Network Planning and Optimization

Our services also include planning and optimizing your network infrastructure. We analyze your current network architectures, identify bottlenecks and weaknesses, and develop tailored solutions to improve the performance, reliability, and security of your network. From capacity expansion to implementing redundancy solutions, we leverage our expertise to prepare your network for future requirements.

Structured Consulting, Fixed Price, Clear Solutions

Service Packages

Based on the experience from numerous projects, bluvenit develops consulting packages at a fixed price. These are clearly defined consulting services for specific tasks. Fixed-price consulting represents the structured approach of experienced consultants. The detailed analysis is followed by documentation and presentation. Afterward, we discuss the results and potential consequences with you. A final report provides you with concrete recommendations for action.

IT Infrastructure Checkup

Analysis and workshop for optimizing IT infrastructure, including application portfolio, network structure, server landscape, and more.

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IT Security Checkup

Examination and assessment of IT security measures, including security management, system and infrastructure security, emergency preparedness, and more.

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IT Infrastructure Documentation

Workshop for creating a comprehensive documentation structure for IT infrastructure, including network diagrams, installation and configuration descriptions.

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IT Operations Support

Proactive care and support for a stable IT infrastructure, including comprehensive documentation, helpdesk system, monitoring, patch management, and more.

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