Software Development

Our latest division, custom software solutions, develops tailored applications that precisely meet your business requirements. We specialize in application development and particularly specialize in Microsoft's Power Platform.

Shaping the Future.

Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges

We offer tailored software development that adapts to the dynamic needs of your business. From cloud applications to modern Power Platform integrations and the transformation of legacy systems – we are your partner for digital transformation.

Customized Software in the Cloud

Cloud Applications

We develop customized cloud applications tailored to your specific requirements to achieve optimal results.

Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

Power Platform Applications

Unlock the full potential of the Microsoft Power Platform. We create and integrate applications that streamline your business processes and boost your productivity.

Reinventing the Tried-and-Tested

Modernization of Legacy Applications

We modernize and migrate legacy systems using modern technologies to future-proof solutions, without downtime and with complete data and functionality transfer.

Digital Transformation for Your Business

Custom Software Solutions for Efficiency and Productivity

Digital transformation made easy - automation, data migration, mobile applications, and seamless integrations for optimized workflows and informed insights.

Business Process Automation

We've developed tailored solutions for clients to automate manual workflows, ranging from creating digital forms to implementing intelligent workflows that optimize your processes.

Database Migration and Modernization

Our developers have extensive experience in database migration and modernization. A recent project involved replacing an outdated ASP application using Microsoft Access for data storage with a contemporary solution based on Microsoft PowerApps.

Mobile Applications

We develop mobile applications that empower your employees to be productive from anywhere. This can involve integrating enterprise applications into mobile environments or creating specific apps for your business needs.

Custom Dashboards and Reporting Tools

Our developers design dashboards and reporting tools according to your requirements. These allow you to track key metrics and data in real-time to make informed business decisions.

Third-Party Application Integration

We ensure seamless integrations of your applications, whether linking cloud-based services like Microsoft 365 or incorporating specific industry solutions into your existing IT infrastructure.

Microsoft Integration

Applications Directly in Teams, Outlook, and 365

Our team specializes in integrating applications into Microsoft Teams. Whether it's a new application developed by us or an existing one, we can seamlessly integrate it into your existing Teams environment.

Collaborative Productivity
By integrating applications into Microsoft Teams, we promote collaboration within your team and enhance productivity.
Centralized Workspace
With the integration of applications into Microsoft Teams, we create a central platform for all your work processes.
Security and Compliance
We ensure that all integrated applications meet the security standards of Microsoft Teams and comply with compliance requirements.

Why Bluvenit?

Why we are the right partner for your custom software solution.

Our team has extensive experience in developing custom software solutions for businesses of various sizes and industries.
We prioritize reliability and quality. Our solutions are robust, secure, and meet our customers' requirements.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with you to ensure that our solutions meet your expectations.

Your Benefits

How We Can Help You with Custom Software

Custom Solutions
Each application is tailored to your specific requirements.
Increased Efficiency
Workflow automation for enhanced productivity.
Updating outdated applications for a contemporary IT landscape.
Mobile applications and cloud-based solutions for location-independent work.


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